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On our blog you read the latest news and updates from During JOTI-JOTA we will use the blog to communicate service updates from Feel free to join the discussion on our blog, we shall try to anwser all your questions.

WiFi Foxhunt ESP8266

on October 19, 2017

Yes! You are reading it correctly! With we are going to let you see how to create you own WiFi Foxhunt kit. The “fox” will be made with a ESP8266-ES01 controller and some supporting components. During JOTA-JOTI we will show you how to solder all these parts together and how to create the firmware for the ESP8266. Order the components you need and follow the steps below to create you “fox’s”.

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JOTI TV Live broadcast schedule

on September 28, 2017

Here’s our full schedule for JOTA-JOTI Weekend. Please note that times are in UTC +2 Hours. You’ll need to convert them for your time zone. Don’t miss this and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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JOTI Skype Address Book

on September 7, 2017

JOTI Skype Address book At many request we have created a JOTI Skype Address book! The address book offers a central place to find Skype names which are used by Scouts during JOTA-JOTI. It is very simple to add you Skype name to the address book, just login to and update your profile with your Skype name. When you save your profile you will see your Skype name in the address book.

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JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner 2017

on August 27, 2017

JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner 2017 We are proud to announce that also in 2017 is assagned the Trusted Partner status. Since 2016 became trusted partner of JOTA-JOTI. The World JOTA-JOTI Team grants JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner status to a few organisations that play a significant part in supporting JOTA-JOTI. You can reccognice a JOTA-JOTI trusted partner with this logo: For more information about JOTA-JOTI trusted partners visit

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