Birthday celebration! 🥳 turns 10

campfire Oct 14, 2019

This year turns 10! And that is reason to celebrate. 🎉

In ten years has grown into the platform where Scouts can meet each other through the most modern online technologies. Ten years have flown by, but has not stand still.

First, our birthday 🎁 present 🎁 to you: the new Digital Campfire. Go and create amazing boomerang animated GIFs with the new Digital Campfire!

Rover Scot SMEA - Boomerang

Ten years of version 1

When started in 2009 it ran under the domain name of the local Scout club Scouting Brouwhuis in the Netherlands. Only two years later in 2011 the domain was registered and the first version of Digital Campfire was launched. The design was very simplistic and completely reliant on the Scout group to setup an working webcam and internet connection.

In the past, before WebRTC and HTML5 webcams could not be used in web browsers. Instead Scout clubs had to setup an IP-Camera or USB web cam and publish the video or still image through e.g. FTP. These type of technical setups were only accessible to technical IT people. There have been a few Adobe Flash libraries in the past that could pick-up the image from the webcam use it in the web browser. has picked-up on this trend and started to make use of these new features to give every Scout without an IT background the ability to publish the image of its webcam on

Today, Digital Campfire contains more than 3000 images of Scouts over more than 50 countries. A true digital gathering of Scouts!

Digital Campfire kept improving and resulted in the most successful rich content platform for JOTA-JOTI.

Let's add live video chats to!

In 2014 launched the first, nameless video chat platform. In this first platform a Scout was able to create a video chat room and invite other Scouts to join its video chat session. was the first platform in JOTA-JOTI to offer a centralized video chat.

JOTIcafe version 1

The video chat platform exploded! In 2015 JOTIcafe was born and since has seen many changes to improve the video chatting capabilities. For this, uses the latest Internet and web browser technologies. JOTIcafe evolved into a high quality video chat room where Scout can video call each other and meet Scouts across the globe.

Nothing without our partners and sponsors

We are very lucky to have a few long-time partners and sponsors on our side who make a success. Without these people and organisation, would not exists.

At first I would like to thank the World Organisation of Scouts Movement, the World JOTA-JOTI Team has always believed in the power of Thanks to the Dutch JOTA-JOTI coordinator who was our first official contact.

Secondly two longtime sponsors supporting are Xirsys and Transip. Without these partners would not have the power and typicality to operate. Xirsys is the Global TURN server infrastructure for powering WebRTC applications and services. Transip is the most reliant data center hosting for the servers.

What will the future bring?

We don't know, it can be anything! We'll keep running until the end! But we sure that you all will be returning to every JOTA-JOTI!

Enjoy JOTA-JOTI this year, we hope to see you all on!, we let you see JOTI


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