We are proud to announce that also in 2019 JOTI.tv is assigned the Trusted Partner status. Since 2016 JOTI.tv became a trusted partner of JOTA-JOTI. The World JOTA-JOTI Team grants JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner status to a few organisations that play a significant part in supporting JOTA-JOTI. You can recognizance a JOTA-JOTI trusted partner with this logo:

Other trusted partners of JOTA-JOTI are

- ServiceKring JOTA-JOTI will provide a range of materials to support JOTA-JOTI - www.kitbuilding.org

- ScoutLink will provide Internet Relay Chat (IRC), TeamSpeak and Minecraft - www.scoutlink.net ScoutLink

- JOTIRadio will operate an online radio station during JOTA-JOTI - www.jotiradio.org Joti Radio