Blog Sep 24, 2020
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It goes without saying that the year 2020 started with several unexpected events for all of us. We, from, hope that everyone is safe and healthy while coping with the challenges that COVID-19 brought us.

From 16 till the 18th of October our most favorite Scout event takes place, and has something new to offer this year! Scouts everywhere in the world regardless of the location should be able to find each other and share their story or make new friends. allows Scouts to communicate with each other through the most modern ways with JOTIcafe (video calls), Digital Campfire (boomerangs) or Skype (Skype address book).

The new JOTIcafe

With the new JOTIcafe all Scouts now have access to a new rich video collaborating experience, just like many of us have been getting used to through remote working or online classes. When you are familiar with for example Zoom, Teams, Skype or WebEx you will like the new JOTIcafe even more.

JOTIcafe automatically offers your four different channels that you can join.

  1. World - A channel that all users can join. In this channel thew main language is English. It might be that this channel becomes too busy very quickly, join on of the others if so.
  2. Continent - A channels that groups Scouts based on the continent of their country. In this channel thew main language is English and a great opportunity to meet Scouts from neighboring countries.
  3. Local - A channel for all Scouts from the same country. In this channel you can speak your own language. Great to meet Scouts from your region or when you are not comfortable with the English language.
  4. Private - Your own private channel to which you can invite other via a code. You can host your own calls with specific topics or other creative initiatives. By sharing your personal code you give other access to your channel. You find your personal code in the "My Profile" page on the portal.
JOTIcafe channel selection

JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner 2020 is again selected by the Word JOTA-JOTI team from WOSM as Trusted Partner 2020. This means we operate under the approval of the World JOTA-JOTI team and are working together with all other trusted partners to deliver the best services possible for all Scouts around the world.

JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner 2020
JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner 2020

More information about trusted partners can be found on


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