On these help pages we try to explain all the basics that you need to know to get your webcam online for JOTI.tv.

On JOTI.tv there are two different portals; Digital Campfire and JOTIcafe.

TIP! How to use your webcam multiple times
By default you are not able to use the image from your webcam multiple times in different webpages or browser windows. This means you cannot use one webcam for JOTIcafe and Digital Campfire at the same time.
By using a “virtual webcam” like ManyCam Virtual Webcam it is possible. Let ManyCam connect to your webcam and let JOTIcafe/Digital Campfire use ManyCam as their source.

Digital Campfire


More help?

On our Help pages we explain how to setup your webcam and configure the programs that send your images to the Internet.

If you have any questions, use our contact page, we will help you.