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Always wanted to start your own television station? This is your chance!!  This is Live TV. The channel on Internet made for Scouts by Scouts. would like to give every Scout around the world the chance to take part in this project. The Live TV channel will broadcast live 247 during the JOTA-JOTI weekend. We would like to share our airtime with Scouts around the world to create an online television station that is created by Scouts around the world.

Upload your video: Upload

This is how you can “hijack” our airtime;

  1. Create an original plan what you would like to send to the world.
  2. Make the decision how to film your video; live or recorded.
  3. Build your TV studio for a live TV program OR plan your recorded film.
  4. Get in contact with by mailing to [email protected] and tell us about  your ideas.

Together we can make television!

How to create a video?

It is very simple! There are many programs and application that can help you create a video by cutting and editing your videos.  For mobile you can use Magesto or Filmora which is free to download and easy to use. If you do not have a computer but you do have a smart-phone than also you can create and edit videos!!

Windows or Mac:

Example ideas:

Here is a short list of fun programs to create with video: * Interview (Your local group or important in your community) * Game show (The Price Scout is Right) * Comedy (The Big Bang Scout Theory) * TV series (As the World of Scouting turns) * Educational (How does HAM radio work?) * Workshops (The best fire making techniques)


  • Video quality must be at least 720p (half HD) format
  • Your program must be at least 15 minutes long
  • We prefer that you use the English language during your program
  • The program must contain Scouting or JOTA-JOTI related content