JOTIcafe, the virtual cafe for scouts to meet. With JOTIcafe you can meet Scouts while chatting and talking with video.

Scout video chat

With JOTIcafe you can connect to other Scouts by video. You can choose between three different channels; your own country, your continent or the world. In the “continent” and “world” channel you must talk English. In the “country” channel you can talk in your own language.

JOTIcafe checklist

To ensure the best possible quality and to use JOTIcafe without any problems, use the following checklist. When you have followed the checklist you are fully prepared for JOTIcafe. * Make sure your webcam and microphone are connected and working * Update your web browser to the latest version (Internet explorer is not supported)

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JOTIcafe features and functions

  • Simple “click to connect” video with other Scouts
  • Chat channels for you region and language, country and continent, makes it easy to connect.

Browser support

Android 4+ iPhone,iPad BlackBerry 10
Google Chrome version 29+ not supported BlackBerry Browser 10.0 only