Embed your photo

We made it easy for you to place your Digital Campfire photo on your own website.
Just go to Digital Campfire and click the “Embedded code” button.


Digital Campfire

Copy the code.


Place the code into your own website to show your Digital Campfire photo. The photo will automatically refresh every 15 seconds.

Smartphone webcam

With the mobile version of Digital Campfire you can use you smartphone as your webcam! We are using the latest techniques on the internet to access the phones camera in the web browser allowing us to capture an image every 15 seconds. Currently only Android OS supports these new techniques. Go to Digital Campfire and try it out.

For iPhone/iPad users there is a work around. An application called ManyCam also provides an app for smartphones that allows you to stream your phones camera to the computer running ManyCam. On that computer you than can use ManyCam as your camera source for Digital Campfire. In this way also IOS users can go mobile!
Read more on their website: ManyCam